The Brilliance

Track Listing:

1. See The Love

2. Run

3. Love Shall Overcome

4. Brother feat. Propaganda

©2015 The Brilliance



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A Message From The Brilliance

I live in New York City, and I can honestly say that while my wife and I love our home, our city, our life, there are times when we have to fight -scrappy, stand your ground fight- against the fear and anxiety that can creep into our spirits. We live with our four young children right by the World Trade Tower. We see lots of police out, and often see anti-terrorism units running drills in our neighborhood. Even as it becomes routine, that sight will stir up something in you. 


Over the last year, we have seen headline after headline after headline of dark news; news of terror, brutality and violence, such overwhelming suffering that we start to become numb. We medicate the fear and uncertainty, putting up walls and barriers, arguing on social media about policy, security and retaliation, and turning to our screens for an escape into virtual consumption - endless consumption of product and news and the latest trends and people we will never even meet. 


It can feel hopeless. 


So over the past few weeks, we wanted to address the tension we feel. We wrote and recorded a new EP that is meant as a hopeful protest album based on love, forgiveness, and non-violence. 


It is so hard to name our enemy and to think "How can I forgive them?" In the face of violence, in the face of evil, in the face of empire, how can we protest for love and peace?


We believe it starts with listening… Listening for the voices of the oppressed, and hearing their stories. Learning to lament with those who are experiencing the violence and pain. And then, learning how to forgive together. 


On our own, we probably don't have the strength or courage to forgive. On our own we don't have the courage to choose to not retaliate with fear and violence… but if we can all join our hearts and turn together in the direction of love, we believe we can learn to walk the way of peace.


This EP invites us all to feel the pain, to speak honestly and lament. Think of those who have been affected by violence and hate. From Chicago to Charleston, to Paris, to Syria, to San Bernadino, to the very rage and fear inside of us that causes us to name call and give our peace away. 


Learn to feel that pain and let it sting. Learn to listen. Learn to forgive. Learn to begin again. Learn to love again. 


The Brilliance