The Brilliance creates modern music deeply rooted in tradition. If you listen closely, you will hear the work of Bach, Beethoven, Stravinsky, Glass, Part, and others woven into the fabric of our music.

We believe the most interesting art is made at the boundaries between genres; classical and jazz, art song and pop song. While having influences that are centuries old, we make music that is modern in sound and relevant in subject matter.

While conservatories today continue to preserve and pass on the tradition of western classical music and the great American artform of jazz improvisation, many struggle to offer answers to these questions:

How can we make this music relevant today?
Is it possible to blend modern production technique with ancient tradition?
How can a young graduates turn this knowledge into a vibrant career of art making?

We want to pass on the way that we create -
we want to collaborate with your students

In March of 2019, The Brilliance partnered with the Biola University school of music, for a weekend of rehearsals and recording, culminating in the premier of a new work commissioned for the University Orchestra and Choir.

This project was much more than just a collaborative performance. The students were invited into every step of our creative process: from conception, to scoring, rehearsing, to recording,  editing, and, finally, performing. And of course:

On top of featuring students on our record -
The concert, and the resulting recording, are resources that
the university will use in the future as they promote their music program

So we would love to partner with your university,
to create new music in collaboration with your students,
and to help your students prepare for a career in the modern music industry,

Consider the packages below, and let’s begin a dialogue about what this partnership could look like.


  1. Concert

    • Bring The Brilliance in for a unique concert experience

    • We will rehearse and perform with an ensemble of students - orchestra, choir, concert band

    • We’ll include a day of seminars/masterclasses, on topics of

      • Creativity, composition

      • Music Business

      • Making music in the modern world

  2. Full Orchestral Commission

    • Commission an original work recorded and produced collaboratively

    • We invite you into our creative process for up to two weeks of sessions, classes, and rehearsals

    • The students will have the opportunity to be on the next Brilliance album!

    • The University will have the rights to use the resulting recordings for promotion in perpetuity